Handwriting Analysis

Online based research platform for handwriting analysis

On this website we are providing a online research platform for handwriting analysis in psychological and forensic science and we inform about completed research projects.

Writing is one of the basic Rs in education (reading, writing and arithmetic) and is one of the most complex behaviors that a human being can perform. Handwriting increases brain activation, influences reading, writing, language, critical thinking. It allows individuals to communicate knowledge, engage in life activities, express their thoughts, learn, work, develop themselves and others and much more.

Handwriting analysis is a major interdisciplinary field ranging from fundamental to applied research: Motor control, motor learning, education, motor development, psychology, aging, movement disorders, neuropsychology, biophysics, forensic science, paleography, computer science, cognitive science, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

Everyone involved in handwriting analysis is invited to participate in our research projects.